National Forum of Polish Non-Governmental Organizations’ Initiatives (OFIP)

National Forum of Polish Non-Governmental Organisations’ Initiatives (Ogólnopolskie Forum Inicjatyw Pozarządowych – OFIP) is a periodic event that takes place every three years in Warsaw. OFIP is attended by representatives of non-governmental organizations, local governments, public administration and business. The main event of every forum is a conference dedicated to cooperation within the sector of NGOs and relations with external partners. It is accompanied by various presentations of the activities from non-governmental organisations, which are available to all interested persons.


Outline History of OFIP

The I OFIP took place in 1996 at the Warsaw University. During this forum two essential documents were adopted:

1)      The Charter of Principles of NGO activities.

2)      Charter of Sponsors’ rights.

During the III OFIP the Initiative Group (60 organizations from all over Poland) was established to build a federation of non-governmental organizations; later named the National Federation of Polish Non-Governmental Organizations.

Participants of the IV OFIP, which was held in 2005, took part in an open meeting of the group for the amendment of the Law on Public Benefit Activities operating at the Council of Public Benefit Activities.


This Year’s Event “VII OFIP”

From 2014 OFIP is organized by the National Federation of Polish NGOs (Ogólnopolska Federacja Organizacji Pozarządowych, OFOP). The VII OFIP consists of three main events:

1)      Conference on 14-15 September (Sun-Mon),

2)      Civic Week starting on 8 September (Mon),

3)      Picnic of Civil Initiatives on 14 September (Sun).


During this year’s conference we will focus on the internal strategy of the civic sector development. We will discuss the work streams from the Regional Forums of Non-Governmental Initiatives (Regionalne Fora Inicjatyw Pozarządowych, RFIP), which are held across the country in June. RFIP are organized by the OFOP and the Support Network for NGOs (Sieć Wspierania Organizacji Pozarządowych, SPLOT). Discussions from RFIP will provide the material to work on the strategy and answers to questions about what organizations, their members, employees and volunteers can do to inspire others to act and be an important element of social and economic development in Poland.

In connection with the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the 1st free elections in Poland, we will look at the legacy of the achievements and NGOs sector from the perspective of the whole period of transformation. We will also assess future challenges for the NGOs sector. In addition, we will look at the formation and the role of civic traditions during the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Citizens’ Committees and the 200th anniversary of the Warsaw Society of Charity (Warszawskiego Towarzystwa Dobroczynności).

The registration for all participants of the VII OFIP will be launched on the website / in the second half of July 2014.


National Federation of Polish NGOs (OFOP)

National Federation of Polish NGOs (Ogólnopolska Federacja Organizacji Pozarządowych, OFOP) was established in 2003 by the initiative group of Polish organizations – as a result of a participatory process aimed at establishing a representation body for the NGO sector in Poland. Currently OFOP brings together more than 100 organizations from all over Poland. As among them are federations and other large organizations – more than 400 NGOs belong to OFOP. The Organisation’s mission is to act on behalf and through its members for strong non-governmental sector in Poland.

Main goals of OFOP are:

  • Developing cooperation, performance standards and building a sense of identity within the NGO sector in Poland.
  • Advocacy on behalf of non-governmental organizations for their common interests.
  • Shaping favourable social attitudes towards the NGO sector and maintaining its fair image

OFOP is the organizer of the VII OFIP.



VII Ogólnopolskie Forum Inicjatyw Pozarządowych

ul. Strzelecka 3/12

03-433 Warszawa

tel. 22 253 28 56

e-mail: [email protected]




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